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This is a list of titles
All mice begin with the rank "/title 0 : Little mouse".
The titles to be unlocked then are the following.

Cheeses recovered
/title 0Little Mouse(0 cheeses recovered)
/title 5Greedy Mouse(5 cheeses recovered)
/title 6Here ! Cheese !(20 cheeses recovered)
/title 7Yeeeeah Cheese ^^(100 cheeses recovered)
/title 8Cheeeeeese *-*(200 cheeses recovered)
/title 35Activist Mouse(300 cheeses recovered)
/title 36Unionized Mouse(400 cheeses recovered)
/title 37Mouse on Strike(500 cheeses recovered)
/title 26Glutton Mouse(600 cheeses recovered)
/title 27Gleany(700 cheeses recovered)
/title 28Plumpy Mouse(800 cheeses recovered)
/title 29Paunchy Mouse(900 cheeses recovered)
/title 30Chubby Mouse(1000 cheeses recovered)
/title 31Fluffy Mouse(1100 cheeses recovered)
/title 32Tubby Mouse(1200 cheeses recovered)
/title 33The Chubby(1300 cheeses recovered)
/title 34The Puffy(1400 cheeses recovered)
/title 38The Cheese Initiated(1500 cheeses recovered)
/title 39The Cheese Adept(1600 cheeses recovered)
/title 40The Cheese Priest(1700 cheeses recovered)
/title 41The Reaper(1800 cheeses recovered)
/title 72Cheese Finder(2000 cheeses recovered)
/title 73Cheese Knight(2300 cheeses recovered)
/title 74Cheesegrubber(2700 cheeses recovered)
/title 75Fatty(3200 cheeses recovered)
/title 76Stout Mouse(3800 cheeses recovered)
/title 77Cheese Lover(4600 cheeses recovered)
/title 78Camembert(6000 cheeses recovered)
/title 79Pont-L'Évêque(7000 cheeses recovered)
/title 80Cheese Catcher(8000 cheeses recovered)
/title 81It's Over 9000(9001 cheeses recovered)
/title 82Collector(10000 cheeses recovered)
/title 83Cheeseleader(14000 cheeses recovered)
/title 84Cheese Thief(18000 cheeses recovered)
/title 85Cheese Creator(22000 cheeses recovered)
/title 86Cheese Pizza(26000 cheeses recovered)
/title 87Cheese Minister(30000 cheeses recovered)
/title 88Prodigy Mouse(34000 cheeses recovered)
/title 89Princess Of Transformice(38000 cheeses recovered)
/title 90Cheesoholic(42000 cheeses recovered)
/title 91The Cheesen One(46000 cheeses recovered)
/title 92Sailor Mouse(50000 cheeses recovered)
/title 234Om nom nom(55000 cheeses recovered)
/title 235*-*(60000 cheeses recovered)
/title 236Cheese Addict(65000 cheeses recovered)
/title 237Cheesus(70000 cheeses recovered)
/title 238Queen of Cheese(75000 cheeses recovered)
/title 93MAH CHEESE!(80000 cheeses recovered)

Corresponding special title :

/title 101 : The Cheese Guardian
(first in cheeses
recovered ranking)

Chesses gathered first
/title 9Fast Mouse(1 cheeses gathered first)
/title 10Agile Mouse(10 cheeses gathered first)
/title 11Pirate Mouse(100 cheeses gathered first)
/title 12Ninja Mouse(200 cheeses gathered first)
/title 42Rogue Mouse(300 cheeses gathered first)
/title 43Looter(400 cheeses gathered first)
/title 44Stalker(500 cheeses gathered first)
/title 45Frothy Mouse(600 cheeses gathered first)
/title 46The Silent(700 cheeses gathered first)
/title 47Hawk Mouse(800 cheeses gathered first)
/title 48Cobra Mouse(900 cheeses gathered first)
/title 49Spidermouse(1000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 50Quick Silver(1100 cheeses gathered first)
/title 51Athletic Mouse(1200 cheeses gathered first)
/title 52Hasty Mouse(1400 cheeses gathered first)
/title 53Rocket Mouse(1600 cheeses gathered first)
/title 54Sonic The Mouse(1800 cheeses gathered first)
/title 55Pingless(2000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 56Kamikaze(2200 cheeses gathered first)
/title 57Warrior Mouse(2400 cheeses gathered first)
/title 58Mach 1(2600 cheeses gathered first)
/title 59Hunter(2800 cheeses gathered first)
/title 60First!(3000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 61Sniper(3200 cheeses gathered first)
/title 62Flash(3400 cheeses gathered first)
/title 63Supermouse(3600 cheeses gathered first)
/title 64Light Speed(3800 cheeses gathered first)
/title 65Time Traveler(4000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 66Fast Wind(4500 cheeses gathered first)
/title 67E=MouseC²(5000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 68Jumper(5500 cheeses gathered first)
/title 69The Untouchable(6000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 231Dynamite(7000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 232Speedmaster(8000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 233Whirlwind(9000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 70Wall-Jumper(10000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 224Sprinter(12000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 225Batmouse(14000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 226The Unseen(16000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 227Unstoppable(18000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 202The Wind Master(20000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 228¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!(25000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 229Torpedo(30000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 230Speedy Gorgonzola(35000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 71LIGHTNING(40000 cheeses gathered first)

Corresponding special title :

/title 102 : The Wind Master
(first in cheeses
gathered first ranking)

Mice with cheese saved
/title 1Shaman Disciple(10 mice saved)
/title 2Accomplished Shaman(100 mice saved)
/title 3Shaman(1000 mice saved)
/title 4Shaman Master(2000 mice saved)
/title 13Inspired Shaman(3000 mice saved)
/title 14Shaman Champion(4000 mice saved)
/title 15Glorious Shaman(5000 mice saved)
/title 16Shaman Duchess(6000 mice saved)
/title 17Shaman Princess(7000 mice saved)
/title 18Shaman Empress(8000 mice saved)
/title 19Legendary Shaman(9000 mice saved)
/title 20Immortal Shaman(10000 mice saved)
/title 21The Chosen Shaman(11000 mice saved)
/title 22Holy Shaman(12000 mice saved)
/title 23Shaman Oracle(13000 mice saved)
/title 24Shaman Prophet(14000 mice saved)
/title 25Shamarvelous(15000 mice saved)
/title 94Ancient Shaman(16000 mice saved)
/title 95Fearless Shaman(18000 mice saved)
/title 96Almighty Shaman(20000 mice saved)
/title 97Architect Shaman(22000 mice saved)
/title 98Mademoiselle(24000 mice saved)
/title 99Lady Chamane(26000 mice saved)
/title 100Loved(28000 mice saved)
/title 101Magician(30000 mice saved)
/title 102Hero of Mice(35000 mice saved)
/title 103Angel Shaman(40000 mice saved)
/title 104The Creator(45000 mice saved)
/title 105Absolute Shaman(50000 mice saved)
/title 106Miraculous Shaman(55000 mice saved)
/title 107Liberator(60000 mice saved)
/title 108Troll Shaman(65000 mice saved)
/title 109Ghost Shaman(70000 mice saved)
/title 110Spirit(75000 mice saved)
/title 111Demigodess Shaman(80000 mice saved)
/title 112Last Hope(85000 mice saved)
/title 113Redeemer(90000 mice saved)
/title 114Goddess Shaman(100000 mice saved)
/title 115Alpha & Omega(140000 mice saved)

Mice with cheese saved as hard shaman
/title 213Decorator(500 mice saved)
/title 214Builder(2000 mice saved)
/title 215Manufacturer(4000 mice saved)
/title 216Technician(7000 mice saved)
/title 217Mechanic(12000 mice saved)
/title 218Specialist(16000 mice saved)
/title 219Inventor(20000 mice saved)
/title 220Engineer(25000 mice saved)
/title 221Inventive Mouse(30000 mice saved)
/title 222Ingenious Mouse(40000 mice saved)
/title 223Virtuoso(50000 mice saved)

Items bought in the shop
/title 116Adorable Mouse(2 items bought in the shop)
/title 117Charming Mouse(4 items bought in the shop)
/title 118Pretty Mouse(6 items bought in the shop)
/title 119Cute Mouse(8 items bought in the shop)
/title 120Frivolous Mouse(10 items bought in the shop)
/title 121Snob Mouse(12 items bought in the shop)
/title 122Stylish Mouse(14 items bought in the shop)
/title 123Actress Mouse(16 items bought in the shop)
/title 124Fashion Mouse(18 items bought in the shop)
/title 125Sexy(20 items bought in the shop)
/title 126SuperStar(22 items bought in the shop)

Gifts given during Christmas
/title 127Little Snowflake(10 gifts given)
/title 128Christmas Spirit(20 gifts given)
/title 129Little Pixie(30 gifts given)
/title 130Santa Claus(50 gifts given)

Gifts given during St-Valetin
/title 210Alluring Mouse(5 gifts given)
/title 211Temptress(30 gifts given)
/title 212Latin Lover(60 gifts given)

Administrators' titles
/title 440Fromadmin
/title 444La Belette (Tigrounette)

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  1. There is a problem. I bought 25 items already and I still haven't unlocked Fashion Mouse, Sexy or SuperStar. :(

  2. I have the sexy title. Infact this wasn't updated. This is exactly how many clothing items you need to get the Sexy title. 45 or around 50 clothing items to get the sexy title. I just got it so i really don't know how much the superstar is. i will reply back when i find out. ~Kittehzzzzz

  3. Same i had 55 or 56 clothes and i haven't unlock Fashion,Sexy and SuperStar at