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This is a list of titles
All mice begin with the rank "/title 0 : Little mouse".
The titles to be unlocked then are the following.

Cheeses recovered
/title 0Little Mouse(0 cheeses recovered)
/title 5Greedy Mouse(5 cheeses recovered)
/title 6Here ! Cheese !(20 cheeses recovered)
/title 7Yeeeeah Cheese ^^(100 cheeses recovered)
/title 8Cheeeeeese *-*(200 cheeses recovered)
/title 35Activist Mouse(300 cheeses recovered)
/title 36Unionized Mouse(400 cheeses recovered)
/title 37Mouse on Strike(500 cheeses recovered)
/title 26Glutton Mouse(600 cheeses recovered)
/title 27Gleany(700 cheeses recovered)
/title 28Plumpy Mouse(800 cheeses recovered)
/title 29Paunchy Mouse(900 cheeses recovered)
/title 30Chubby Mouse(1000 cheeses recovered)
/title 31Fluffy Mouse(1100 cheeses recovered)
/title 32Tubby Mouse(1200 cheeses recovered)
/title 33The Chubby(1300 cheeses recovered)
/title 34The Puffy(1400 cheeses recovered)
/title 38The Cheese Initiated(1500 cheeses recovered)
/title 39The Cheese Adept(1600 cheeses recovered)
/title 40The Cheese Priest(1700 cheeses recovered)
/title 41The Reaper(1800 cheeses recovered)
/title 72Cheese Finder(2000 cheeses recovered)
/title 73Cheese Knight(2300 cheeses recovered)
/title 74Cheesegrubber(2700 cheeses recovered)
/title 75Fatty(3200 cheeses recovered)
/title 76Stout Mouse(3800 cheeses recovered)
/title 77Cheese Lover(4600 cheeses recovered)
/title 78Camembert(6000 cheeses recovered)
/title 79Pont-L'Évêque(7000 cheeses recovered)
/title 80Cheese Catcher(8000 cheeses recovered)
/title 81It's Over 9000(9001 cheeses recovered)
/title 82Collector(10000 cheeses recovered)
/title 83Cheeseleader(14000 cheeses recovered)
/title 84Cheese Thief(18000 cheeses recovered)
/title 85Cheese Creator(22000 cheeses recovered)
/title 86Cheese Pizza(26000 cheeses recovered)
/title 87Cheese Minister(30000 cheeses recovered)
/title 88Prodigy Mouse(34000 cheeses recovered)
/title 89Princess Of Transformice(38000 cheeses recovered)
/title 90Cheesoholic(42000 cheeses recovered)
/title 91The Cheesen One(46000 cheeses recovered)
/title 92Sailor Mouse(50000 cheeses recovered)
/title 234Om nom nom(55000 cheeses recovered)
/title 235*-*(60000 cheeses recovered)
/title 236Cheese Addict(65000 cheeses recovered)
/title 237Cheesus(70000 cheeses recovered)
/title 238Queen of Cheese(75000 cheeses recovered)
/title 93MAH CHEESE!(80000 cheeses recovered)

Corresponding special title :

/title 101 : The Cheese Guardian
(first in cheeses
recovered ranking)

Chesses gathered first
/title 9Fast Mouse(1 cheeses gathered first)
/title 10Agile Mouse(10 cheeses gathered first)
/title 11Pirate Mouse(100 cheeses gathered first)
/title 12Ninja Mouse(200 cheeses gathered first)
/title 42Rogue Mouse(300 cheeses gathered first)
/title 43Looter(400 cheeses gathered first)
/title 44Stalker(500 cheeses gathered first)
/title 45Frothy Mouse(600 cheeses gathered first)
/title 46The Silent(700 cheeses gathered first)
/title 47Hawk Mouse(800 cheeses gathered first)
/title 48Cobra Mouse(900 cheeses gathered first)
/title 49Spidermouse(1000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 50Quick Silver(1100 cheeses gathered first)
/title 51Athletic Mouse(1200 cheeses gathered first)
/title 52Hasty Mouse(1400 cheeses gathered first)
/title 53Rocket Mouse(1600 cheeses gathered first)
/title 54Sonic The Mouse(1800 cheeses gathered first)
/title 55Pingless(2000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 56Kamikaze(2200 cheeses gathered first)
/title 57Warrior Mouse(2400 cheeses gathered first)
/title 58Mach 1(2600 cheeses gathered first)
/title 59Hunter(2800 cheeses gathered first)
/title 60First!(3000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 61Sniper(3200 cheeses gathered first)
/title 62Flash(3400 cheeses gathered first)
/title 63Supermouse(3600 cheeses gathered first)
/title 64Light Speed(3800 cheeses gathered first)
/title 65Time Traveler(4000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 66Fast Wind(4500 cheeses gathered first)
/title 67E=MouseC²(5000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 68Jumper(5500 cheeses gathered first)
/title 69The Untouchable(6000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 231Dynamite(7000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 232Speedmaster(8000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 233Whirlwind(9000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 70Wall-Jumper(10000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 224Sprinter(12000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 225Batmouse(14000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 226The Unseen(16000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 227Unstoppable(18000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 202The Wind Master(20000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 228¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!(25000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 229Torpedo(30000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 230Speedy Gorgonzola(35000 cheeses gathered first)
/title 71LIGHTNING(40000 cheeses gathered first)

Corresponding special title :

/title 102 : The Wind Master
(first in cheeses
gathered first ranking)

Mice with cheese saved
/title 1Shaman Disciple(10 mice saved)
/title 2Accomplished Shaman(100 mice saved)
/title 3Shaman(1000 mice saved)
/title 4Shaman Master(2000 mice saved)
/title 13Inspired Shaman(3000 mice saved)
/title 14Shaman Champion(4000 mice saved)
/title 15Glorious Shaman(5000 mice saved)
/title 16Shaman Duchess(6000 mice saved)
/title 17Shaman Princess(7000 mice saved)
/title 18Shaman Empress(8000 mice saved)
/title 19Legendary Shaman(9000 mice saved)
/title 20Immortal Shaman(10000 mice saved)
/title 21The Chosen Shaman(11000 mice saved)
/title 22Holy Shaman(12000 mice saved)
/title 23Shaman Oracle(13000 mice saved)
/title 24Shaman Prophet(14000 mice saved)
/title 25Shamarvelous(15000 mice saved)
/title 94Ancient Shaman(16000 mice saved)
/title 95Fearless Shaman(18000 mice saved)
/title 96Almighty Shaman(20000 mice saved)
/title 97Architect Shaman(22000 mice saved)
/title 98Mademoiselle(24000 mice saved)
/title 99Lady Chamane(26000 mice saved)
/title 100Loved(28000 mice saved)
/title 101Magician(30000 mice saved)
/title 102Hero of Mice(35000 mice saved)
/title 103Angel Shaman(40000 mice saved)
/title 104The Creator(45000 mice saved)
/title 105Absolute Shaman(50000 mice saved)
/title 106Miraculous Shaman(55000 mice saved)
/title 107Liberator(60000 mice saved)
/title 108Troll Shaman(65000 mice saved)
/title 109Ghost Shaman(70000 mice saved)
/title 110Spirit(75000 mice saved)
/title 111Demigodess Shaman(80000 mice saved)
/title 112Last Hope(85000 mice saved)
/title 113Redeemer(90000 mice saved)
/title 114Goddess Shaman(100000 mice saved)
/title 115Alpha & Omega(140000 mice saved)

Mice with cheese saved as hard shaman
/title 213Decorator(500 mice saved)
/title 214Builder(2000 mice saved)
/title 215Manufacturer(4000 mice saved)
/title 216Technician(7000 mice saved)
/title 217Mechanic(12000 mice saved)
/title 218Specialist(16000 mice saved)
/title 219Inventor(20000 mice saved)
/title 220Engineer(25000 mice saved)
/title 221Inventive Mouse(30000 mice saved)
/title 222Ingenious Mouse(40000 mice saved)
/title 223Virtuoso(50000 mice saved)

Items bought in the shop
/title 116Adorable Mouse(2 items bought in the shop)
/title 117Charming Mouse(4 items bought in the shop)
/title 118Pretty Mouse(6 items bought in the shop)
/title 119Cute Mouse(8 items bought in the shop)
/title 120Frivolous Mouse(10 items bought in the shop)
/title 121Snob Mouse(12 items bought in the shop)
/title 122Stylish Mouse(14 items bought in the shop)
/title 123Actress Mouse(16 items bought in the shop)
/title 124Fashion Mouse(18 items bought in the shop)
/title 125Sexy(20 items bought in the shop)
/title 126SuperStar(22 items bought in the shop)

Gifts given during Christmas
/title 127Little Snowflake(10 gifts given)
/title 128Christmas Spirit(20 gifts given)
/title 129Little Pixie(30 gifts given)
/title 130Santa Claus(50 gifts given)

Gifts given during St-Valetin
/title 210Alluring Mouse(5 gifts given)
/title 211Temptress(30 gifts given)
/title 212Latin Lover(60 gifts given)

Administrators' titles
/title 440Fromadmin
/title 444La Belette (Tigrounette)

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  1. There is a problem. I bought 25 items already and I still haven't unlocked Fashion Mouse, Sexy or SuperStar. :(